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Many women understand what it’s like to experience pain during intercourse and the resulting strain it can put on a relationship. At MonaLisa Touch SD, OB/GYN Dr. Elise Brown and urologist Dr. Scott Brown treat painful intercourse, so you can restore your sex life. Call the office located in La Mesa, California, today.

Painful Intercourse Q & A

What causes painful intercourse?

Painful intercourse is often caused by a lack of lubrication, creating excessive friction on the sensitive tissue of the vagina. Tissue that has thinned due to aging or trauma can also be a source of pain during sexual intercourse. Perimenopause and menopause are common causes of this lack of lubrication and thinning tissue.

In some cases, a problem such as a vaginal infection, pelvic inflammatory disease, or a sexually transmitted disease is to blame.

Why does the vagina become dry and inflamed?

The tissue of the vagina may become dry, thin, and tender during sex due to a decrease in your production of the hormone estrogen. As you approach and go through menopause, estrogen levels decline. Menopause caused by a surgical hysterectomy or chemical hysterectomy, as with cancer treatment, can cause similar vaginal atrophy and pain during intercourse. Your estrogen levels may also drop in the period right after childbirth.

How is pain during sexual intercourse treated?

Non-medical treatments for painful intercourse may include increasing foreplay time and the use of an over-the-counter sexual lubricant. Women who have given birth may find relief by waiting six weeks after delivery before having intercourse.

When non-medical treatments fail to resolve your discomfort during intercourse, Drs. Scott and Elise Brown recommend MonaLisa Touch® vaginal laser treatment. This revolutionary technology helps revitalize the tissue of your vagina without surgery, pain, or a long recovery time.

If you have symptoms of an infection, such as bleeding after intercourse, irregular periods, or irregular vaginal discharge, you may benefit from antibiotics or other medical interventions.

How does MonaLisa Touch help restore sexual pleasure?

During a MonaLisa Touch session, a vaginal probe is inserted into your vagina and then glides around the outer tissue. The gentle laser energy prompts the increased development of collagen, a natural compound your body produces to add strength and resiliency to tissue.

You notice improvements in your comfort during sex after just the first session, but get the most benefit from a series of three sessions that are spaced about six weeks apart.

Call the office to learn more about how you can restore a healthy, happy, and pleasurable sex life.